What is Giclee ?

Giclee (Pronounced Jee Clay) comes from the French word meaning, "little squirt" referring to the process of squirting fine droplets of ink onto archival paper. The print heads on an inkjet printer spray a very fine pattern of dots onto the paper that make up the final image.

The expertise behind this revolution is a combination of very high quality scanning equipment and specialised digital wide format printers along with archival lightfast inks and acid free papers.

These specialist digital printers are now producing limited
edition Giclče prints of the highest quality that are now
appearing in the finest galleries and museums.

The Giclče art process is believed to be the closest match to the original work that is technically possible.

The papers and inks that are used give the prints an expected lightfast term of
75 + years.

The Fine Art Trade Guild has declared that Giclee printing has been decisively
incorporated into the Guild Print Standard.

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